A Small Favor #0 Limited Edition Daryl Toh Variant


A Small Favor #0 Limited Edition Daryl Toh Variant


This is the limited edition Daryl Toh variant cover of A Small Favor #0: Welcome to Earth World. Only 500 of these were ever printed.

The story begins here! James and Liz visit an Earth-themed amusement park in the distant future, but Earth isn’t quite the way James remembers…

This 20-page story introduces James, the immortal space traveler; and Liz, his adventure-seeking A.I. best friend. Welcome To Earth World is the perfect place to start for new readers, while also giving veteran readers new insight into the characters.

Written and Created by
Caleb Palmquist and John Grimes
Pencils and Inks
Kyle Sarafolean
Luca Bulgheroni
Lee Milewski
Cover A
Jeremy Treece
Cover B (Variant)
Daryl Toh

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